Slimming and Sculpting Cheeks, Chin and Eyes With Galvanic Treatment

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Facial Sculpting With Ionic Therapy

If you have ever wondered if there is a way to literally sculpt your face into the one that you want then using a Fyola Facial massager might be the answer. This is a hand-held facial massager with several settings on it that help eliminate water, fat and wrinkles from the face.

The secret is in the magnetic polarities that are created in the device as you turn it on and run the head over your skin. The charge creates positive ions that gently pluck at the skin’s surface getting rid of skin cells. At the same time it also draws water to the skin so that it looks plumper and younger.

Get Rid of That Double Chin

The ultra-sound waves in this facial massager helps improve the lymphatic circulation beneath your chin. The increased blood flow caused by the constant application of the massager also carried toxins and fats out from beneath the chin and into the bloodstream where eventually it is all eliminated by the body.

If you run this massager unit beneath your chin every day you will eventually see the fat apparently “melt away.  Your face will feel slimmer and as if has been lifted out.  People will think that you have had a face lift.

Get Rid of Undereye Circles

If there is one thing that can make you look tired and old it is the undereye circle. Some people also call this “black eye” rim.  The facial massager has ultrasonic  waves that can accelerate your blood circulation and then carry excess fluid away.

Puffiness under your eyes can also be the result of excess inflammation and water. An ionic galvanizer facial unit can help that water be carried away by the circulatory system to be eliminated elsewhere in the body.  That is because the ultrasonic vibration of the facial massager promotes your metabolism.

People will think you went away for days of rest at a spa retreat! You will simply look and feel more youthful and energized.

Why Is the Fyola Facial Machine So Effective?

The Fyola Facial machine succeeds at being a “facial sculpting machine” because it is a hybrid of two technologies – ionic and ultrasound. This stimulates muscles (giving the face a workout as well as opens and cleans out pores.

While using the Fyolic facial massager keep in mind that you will not be able to “feel” any effects. Ultrasound waves and ionic pressure is silent. You may not be able to feel anything but that does not mean it is not working. For best results be sure to use products sold by the Fyolic company as well as products that are organic and good for your skin. It is a harmless way to accelerate the penetration of expensive beauty products deep into your ski.

It is the only patented beauty machine of it’s kind in the whole world.  By using it for only ten to fifteen minutes daily you are guaranteed to see incredible positive changes in your appearance.

Removing Water, Fat and Wrinkles Using Ionic Beauty Machines

What are Ionic Beauty Machines?

Ionic beauty machines are also known as galvanic facial massagers. They are responsible for creating what the media has dubbed as being a non-surgical face lift. They offer a non-invasive way to treat the effects of aging and prevent further wrinkles and sagging from appearing.

These machines used to only be available at a spa. You had to book an appointment, pay anywhere from fifty to five hundred dollars (depending on the serums or lotions used) and then enjoy the use of the machine by a salon technician. The treatments could take anywhere from half and hour to an hour and a half.

Nowadays you can get hand-held home units like the Fyola facial massager that combines both galvanic and ultrasound technology, and give yourself your own spa treatment at your home. These hand held beauty massagers will do three main things for your skin –

  1. Remove water
  2. Remove fat
  3. Remove wrinkles

If you manage these three components of skin health then you can look younger than ever.

How Ionic Galvanizers Remove Water

Ionic galvanizer machines like the Fyola face massager have a negative and positive ionic charge to them that helps push water into the skin and stimulate the circulatory system. The circulatory system then carries toxins away from the skin where they are processed and eliminated by the kidneys and liver.

Removing water from the skin can give you a less swollen or puffy look. Less water under the eyes can make more awake and younger as well.

How Ionic Galvanizers Remove Fat

Fyola face massagers gently pummel the skin so that fat cells are broken down.  Fatty tissue is replaced with healthy new collagen.  Fat that is trapped in elastin (the tissue network that holds us together) is dissolved and released into the bloodstream.

These units also give your skin a “workout” that causes your face to burn away fat, just as if it was being put through exercises. The water that is drawn to the skin also helps flush fat away from the face.

How Ionic Galvanizers Remove Wrinkles

Ionic galvanizing facial massagers remove wrinkles by bringing water to the surface of the skin so skin looks plumper and more youthful. The pummeling effect of the galvanizer combined with the electro-frequencies emitted by the ultrasound unit in the Fyola massager also manage to burn off the top layer of cells. This means that each time you are using the unit you are getting an exfoliating facial.

Fyola Galvanizers Bring Back Collagen

The story of looking youthful does not end at removing fat, water and wrinkles. Perhaps the most interesting benefit of using an ionic galvanizer is that it stimulates the tissues just enough so that your body builds more collagen on it’s own. Collagen is that essential connective and filler tissue that makes our faces look plumped up, younger and wrinkle free.  Furthermore all of this can be done in the privacy of your own home, in about ten minutes, using one affordable Fyola facial massager unit!

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