How To Make Your Garage Door Opener Last

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A garage door opener is the most important component of your garage door system. Most garage door openers last for 10 to 12 years, but with regular maintenance, they can certainly last longer. You should hire a garage door repair company to repair the opener, but there is a lot that you can do yourself.
In this article we discuss how to make your garage door opener last. But first, you should know how the garage door opener system works.
There are three types of garage door opener systems, each of which have a different drive type.
Openers that are based on a chain-drive system don’t cost much. They are used in a majority of garage doors across the US and consist of an electric motor that drives a metal chain, which opens and closes the door. While these types of openers are convenient, they are also very noisy.
Openers that are based on a belt-drive system make use of a rubber belt to operate the garage door, instead of a chain. These systems are smooth and generally very quiet.
Openers that are based on the screw-drive system are slowest of the lot, but they are capable of lifting the large and heavy tilt-up doors. They consist of a threaded steel rod, which opens and closes the doors.

Here’s how to make your garage door opener last…

Tip #1: The best way to make your garage door opener last is to get regular maintenance done every 6 months by a garage door professional. But there is a lot you could do yourself as well. You may have an owner’s manual that comes with every unit. It would have all the details on how to maintain the opener and important troubleshooting tips.
Tip #2: Check the cables, fasteners, tracks and supports, and find out if any of the parts are worn out, bent or loose. If so, tighten them and replace if damaged beyond repair.
Tip #3: There could be a fault with the cord that connects the opener to the power outlet. Make sure that it is secure and not damaged in any way. Also, check the battery backup. Is it working as it should? If not, have it replaced.
Tip #4: Is the remote control functioning properly? Are the batteries in the remote control working? Replace them if not. Have the wall control keypad checked by a garage door professional, as this is not something you can do yourself.
Tip #5: Apply a lithium lubricant spray to the chain, rollers and the screw. Lubricate every hardware part used in the garage door system and run the opener several times till the garage door starts opening and closing smoothly.
Tip #6: The auto-reverse system is a safety mechanism available with most openers that opens that door as soon as it hits anything while closing. This is to protect small children or pets that may try to make their way into the garage while it is being closed. Have the auto-reverse system inspected by a garage door professional.

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