Higher Life Conference 2017

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will chair an event in London’s O2 arena. It will be on from September 8th to September 10th. The O2 Arena is located on England, SE10 ODX in London close to the North Greenwich station on Jubilee Line train. The aim of the even is to let people hear Lord’s Word and speak about higher life. Ministry is calling for Pastor Chris and he is a faith healer as well as a writer of best sellers. His ministry helps people all around the world.



London, August 4 2017



London, 08.09. – 10.09.


The even spanning over three days Pastor Chris Oyakhilome invites people to attend the ”Higher Life Conference UK”. The conference will not be an expensive event to allow more people accessibility. London’s own O2 Arena will house the conference and around 20 thousand people are invited to attend. This is one of the biggest arenas in the United Kingdom and since its indoors, there is no possibility of cancellation due to rain.



The gathering will mostly revolve around the understanding of higher life. All God’s children are said to have it. The format will resemble a tradition service with prayers, praise and then combined worship. Individual moments of silence will mix with praying as one. Ther will be music to help lift the word with gospel singing, wonders and video material. It will allow worshippers to lift their hearts to the Lord.



The registration starts on Monday, August 7. Every day for the three days an afternoon session will take place. Each session will cost 1.50£ so if people want to attend all three days, it will only cost 4.50£. The service will start at 18:00 on Friday, so people coming from work have enough time to get to the venue. Saturday’s session will begin at 16:00 and Sunday will be the longest day with the service starting at 13:00 so just after lunch.



Other renowned people will join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the sessions. There will be preaching, worship as well as lessons and meditation. Pastor Chris will perform miracles, healing and hold talks about people speaking in tongues. He will talk about Jesus and His ways as well as what His meaning is in people’s lives. Each session will end with worship and a hallelujah to empower the worshippers’ belief and joining the Holy Spirit.



Pastor Chris Oyakhilome or simply Pastor Chris comes from Nigeria. He works as a minister and founded Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated or Christ Embassy. His name is known throughout Africa and he Ministers for old and young on the continent and beyond the borders. He holds conferences and sessions in US and UK as well, reaching more people than ever.



He leads mission programs and performs miracles such as curing blindness, physical ailments, disease and infertility. He also has a network of prayer that consists of millions of people.



He wrote Rhapsody of Realities that helps people with their daily prayers. It is now available in more than nine hundred languages.



There is now a TV Network in the USA established by Pastor ChrisOyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn. The conference in UK is definitely a lifetime opportunity to come together with worshippers and experience Lord’s way of communicating with people. The atmosphere will help people return to Him and carry the Holy Spirit with them. The last conference in the United Kingdom took place in six years ago and for many people it is a very special memory.



Registration will be open from August 7 and people are invited to come and bring friends and family. Register online on the website http://higherlifeconferenceuk.com



If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call +441708556604


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