Depression Quotes About Love

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The depressed person never knows for sure what the “trigger” of depression is: if what you feel is the cause of an effect or if it is the effect of a cause.



In the saddest dawn …
In the sharpest depression …
In the most suffering tears …
I remember how I made you happy, and how your happiness rejoiced me.


Depression is the cry of the soul begging for enlightenment. Ascending the Light in the sphere of the intellect is healing.



Do not feed morbid thoughts, not to fall into depression:
If you are happy remember Jesus,
if you are sad pray to Jesus,
Spend your mornings, afternoons and evenings with Jesus in your heart,
so you will only have light in your life, Darkness will not come near you.



Make me crazy conscious, do not think of things that bring me to depression, because the madman feels, only what fits in his own reason.



Noble actions and hot baths are the best cures for depression.



Depression is worse than cancer. Cancer makes you want to live – Http://



Self-pity puts the soul in the sadness of depression and calls pains in the body for lack of faith, gratitude and trust the power of the Word of God.


The biblical view of depression is the same as the biblical view of salvation, where the Lord’s solution produces joy, peace, and the presence of symptoms can be healed and saved by faith.

Good relationships heal wounds of loneliness and bring joys to chase away depression.

I love new clothes. If everyone could wear new clothes every day, I do not think depression would exist anymore.

Depression does not entice me,
but repression kills me.


Do not mold me, I was not born modeling clay.

What do you choose?

God gives them all a star.
Some make the star a sun.
Others cannot even see her.
I say,
God gives everyone a life.
Some make life the glory.
Others make it hell.


Depression is the rupture of the sense of shelter network. A moment when the psyche fails in its illusionistic activity and lets us glimpse the emptiness that surrounds us, or the emptiness that the psychic work tries to fill. It is a time of an unbearable confrontation with the truth. Some people can avoid it for life.

There is nothing sadder than to be sad.

It was as Evan once told him, ‘Stop waiting for a ransom that will never come. No hero will come for you, take your own sword and wear your own armor. ‘ And, well, he was not at all wrong.

“To enter into a relationship is to sign a decree that in X months you will be at home, alone, suffering”

Because you are the biggest responsible for you, and staying frustrated is your choice, only yours and no one else’s. You can control your emotions. Want a tip? Spare yourself from the anguish.


Sadness mixed with loneliness and guilt make life lose all sense

If I cried more, I might bleed less.


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